RoadWise Driver Instructor Power Point Downloads

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Please Note

  • Using the RoadWise Driver Program:

    • All instructor speaking notes and videos are now embedded directly into the PowerPoint slides
    • The PowerPoint slides are modifiable, as you see fit
    • For the videos to play, you must be in “Presentation Mode” in PowerPoint


    Preparing to Download the RoadWise Driver PowerPoint Slides:

    • You will need PowerPoint 2016 or newer to run the slides as intended
    • The files have large components and may require a large USB or an External Hard Drive to store them on
    • The PowerPoint files are approximately 5 Gigabytes in total


    Downloading the RoadWise Driver PowerPoint Slides:

    • Instructions to view can be found below the Downloads
    • Each chapter PowerPoint will take an average of 2-5 minutes per download
    • There can be a browser issue during download where a "network error" will appear at the 99% mark of the download. To resolve this simply 'right-click' the error and select 'resume'


    Thank you for your purchase of AAA’s RoadWise Driver instructor’s material and your effort to make our roadways a safer place.

    Please use the following PowerPoint tips article may also be helpful:

    Powerpoint PC Tips

    Powerpoint MAC Tips

     As always, thank you for using AAA How to Drive materials in your classroom!  We welcome your input on this and any other aspect of the program, to help make How to Drive even more user-friendly and valuable going forward.

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    PowerPoint Customization

    We want to make your teaching journey as easy as possible. As a result, we have included some additional files that we recommend you go through that will help you in using your newly downloaded PowerPoints - click here - to download.