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The 15th edition of the AAA How to Drive Novice Driver Training Program is a comprehensive course of study designed to assist people with starting their driving careers. How to Drive is the only available curriculum that meets both ADTSEA and DSAA standards for content.  The material takes a comprehensive approach to reduced-risk driving and introduces new drivers and their families to The Highway Transportation System, best driving practices, rules of the road, and modern-day vehicle safety technology systems.

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Included with the How to Drive Instructor Guide, the PowerPoint slides include all video as well as speaking notes.  Available templates will allow you to add your state’s specific content. With How to Drive’s modular structure, you can create a lesson plan that meets your states content requirements with ease!

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No dated videos, overhead projector slides, and flip phone graphics! How to Drive is current, relevant, and up-to-date by all standards.

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What's Included?

The How to Drive program consists of the following components, which are sold separately or as part of a package.

1. Instructor Guide


How to Drive features a large collection of application exercises, distributed throughout the course to enhance learning effectiveness and maintain student engagement. These include:

  • DriverZED 4.0 Hazard Perception training scenarios                   
    • This is the latest version of Dr. Don Fisher’s R.A.P.T.(Risk Awareness and Perception Training)
    • R.A.P.T. is one of the very few driving safety interventions that has been shown to actually reduce crashes. Please see NHTSA’s Driver Education webpage for more information
  • TargetZone exercises—Targeting-based exercises designed to help new drivers learn where to be searching
  • SnapDrive exercises—Traffic safety scenes presented only briefly (tachistoscopically), to help new drivers “read” the road under time-sensitive conditions
  • BamCam videos                                                             
    • Videos of actual teen crashes to be analyzed by student
  • The goals are to:                                                     
    • Identify the root cause(s) of each crash                           
    • Determine the steps the driver could have taken to prevent the crash 
    • Videos are courtesy of Lytx/DriveCam


The 15th edition of How to Drive relies heavily upon scientifically reliable data to support concepts, methods, and techniques. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and other sources contribute significantly to How to Drive subject matter. The result is a novice driver training program designed specifically to address causal factors in young driver crashes. How to Drive effectively identifies crash causes- providing remedies and solutions so that beginning drivers can reduce risk to the greatest extent possible. In addition, How to Drive content meets or exceeds the National Driver Education Standards for content and delivery.

Downloadable PowerPoint Files

The instructor guide includes over 1,000 pre-built slides for you to use.

Already have content you’re using in your classroom? We have included templates that allow you to add your own material or provide state specific content.

3 Ring Binder

The binder includes details lesson plans for all 19 chapters of the course – everything you need to start teaching is laid out explicitly:

  • Chapter overview of topics and lesson objectives
  • Speaking points – know what to say, when to initiate activities, and when to play video clips
  • Additional tips to add to your lesson and guide you as you teach
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AAA How To Drive Binder

2. Teaching Videos (5+ Hours)

Our videos are broken up into small segments and included in the PowerPoint files for your convenience.

AAA How To Drive Teaching Videos A
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3. Student Workbook

One of the most valuable components of the 15th edition of the How to Drive curriculum is the Student Workbook. The workbook is the in-class companion for students, complete with assessments, fill-in-the-blank exercises, learning activities, and other opportunities for students to be actively engaged in the teaching and learning process. The How to Drive Student Workbook serves as a study guide, helping to prepare for success on course mid-term and final examinations, as applicable. It also includes the first-ever In-Car Coaching Guide for parents/guardians who will be supervising the new driver’s practice driving sessions.

AAA How To Drive Teaching Student Workbook A
AAA How To Drive Teaching Student Workbook B

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