ADTSEA Partnership


For nearly a century, AAA has led efforts across the country in the driver education arena. This includes funding innovative research through the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, updating training materials and curriculum to reflect the latest automotive technologies and encouraging states to adopt proven policies and laws which help teens become safer and more responsible drivers.

Likewise, the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association, (ADTSEA), established in 1951, strives to develop and promote excellence among driver education professionals in the delivery of novice driver instruction. It believes that delivery of high-quality programs by dedicated driver and traffic safety education professionals, supported with the best teaching materials, will equip the novice driver with the skills to begin the lifelong learning process of driving in today’s complex and challenging highway transportation system.

We are proud to announce that after a thorough review of the new AAA How To Drive Curriculum, (ADTSEA) has endorsed our course as their official curriculum for the delivery of high-quality driver education programs. How to Drive meets the ADTSEA Curriculum Standards, as well as the Novice Teen Driver Education and Training Administrative Standards, for both content and delivery.

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