Grow Your Business.

The AAA Driver Improvement Program can help you grow your business by reaching more students. Instruction is delivered in eight 50-minute modules that can be presented as a total program. Or you can use individual units for presentations to civic groups or “lunch and learn” seminars.

Get Certified. Get Support.

We require all instructors to go through our certification program before they can purchase or teach with our program. This means a greater level of support for you, plus networking opportunities to further grow your reach.


Our program comes with two versions: AAA Driver Improvement Program and AAA RoadWise Driver. AAA Roadwise Driver is a true senior-focused version of the program which addresses natural age-based changes, managing one’s medications, adjusting habits to reduce risk, and the value of planning for ongoing mobility.

Stand Out

You must get permission from your local AAA club as part of the certification process. Once certified, you can be confident of standing out and above your competition.

This program is for teaching:

Traffic Offenders
Corporate Fleets
Senior Drivers
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All you can teach…

…Everything you’ve wanted

Our comprehensive program provides everything you need to start teaching. No need to search for additional videos! For added flexibility, our video content is available in both DVD and streaming formats.

No yawning beyond this point

Actually Engaging Material

Our student workbooks leverage in-video exercises and classroom activities to help grab students’ attention and retain more of your teaching.

The Future is here….today!

Modern technology at your disposal

Technology is changing rapidly. We help you keep up with features like our online video streaming and downloadable resources.

Certification Process:

Becoming an Instructor

Instructors teach to the general public.


  • Must pass class with 70 or better
  • No major infractions on driving record for 3 years
  • Written approval from local AAA club prior to registering for the class
  • Be a minimum of 21 years old
  • Recertification is every 3 years
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Becoming a Lead Instructor

Lead Instructors train and certify others to become instructors.


  • Must have taught DIP, (as an instructor), for one year
  • Score 88 or better in the DIP certification course
  • Written approval by the local AAA club prior to registering for the class
  • No major infractions on driving record for the past 3 years
  • Recertification is every 3 years
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What's Included?

The Driver Improvement Program consists of the following components, which are sold separately or as part of a package as detailed at the bottom of the page.

1. Instructor Guide

The Instructor Guide includes details lesson plans for all 9 modules of the Driver Improvement course and all 7 modules of the RoadWise Driver course – everything you need to start teaching is laid out explicitly:

  • Module overview of topics and lesson aims
  • Teaching scripts – know what to say, when to initiate activities, and when to play video assets
  • Additional tips to add to your lesson and guide you as you teach

2. Teaching Videos (3.75 Hours)

The Driver Improvement disc contains 1.75 hours of content and the RoadWise Driver disc contains 2 hours. Our videos are broken up into small segments and you can mix and match as you need or you can follow the directions in the Instructor Guide on when to play them.

All videos are equipped with English closed captioning (for your hearing impaired students).

You also have two choices on the delivery method:

  • 2-Disc DVD Set
  • Online Streaming Option

3. Student Manual

These engaging student guides immerse the student in the course material- prompting them to ask questions and complete interactive exercises based on the content being taught.

Broken up into the same corresponding modules of the rest of the program, this consumable guide will help ensure your students have what they need to succeed.

Available Delivery Methods:

  • Paperback (English only)

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