AAA Approved Driving School Network


AAA is happy to invite you to participate in the AAA Approved Driving School Network (ADSN).

This nationwide organization of quality driving schools is changing the face of driver training as we know it.

Why become a AAA Approved Driving School?

Today’s motorists are uncertain about their driver training needs, and they are uncomfortable evaluating schools. They are uncertain about what is quality driver training, and they need help finding the best resource.

The AAA Approved Driving School Network is the answer, and is designed to help motorists identify the best driver training resources in the country. As you consider the opportunity to participate in the AAA network, please keep these facts in mind:

1. AAA is a leader in driver training, and continues to champion motorists’ causes and provide resources to help drivers improve their skills. Our goal is safer drivers, safer roads. The AAA Approved Driving School Network is a central tool in that effort. 2. The AAA logo is a powerful marketing tool that will help you win new customers. 3. AAA will refer members only to Approved schools for their training needs. 4. AAA Approved Driving Schools can receive valuable discounts on important business needs.

AAA actively supports legislative changes that improve the driver training industry, and will be a “voice” for your efforts.

Learn More About ADSN Benefits


AAA members rely on and act upon AAA’s recommendations. If AAA endorses your business, members will use your services.

AAA Course Materials

Exclusive discounts on best-in-class curriculum materials for AAA Approved Driving Schools. 

Marketing Support

As a AAA Approved Driving School, you have the opportunity to use the AAA logo in your marketing materials and signage as a way to get new customers. An invaluable differentiation from your competition!

Instructor Support

AAA offers instructor certification courses and ongoing education that will ensure your instructors are always at the top of their game.


Increased income as your business grows and you have the opportunity to increase course fees.

Business Discounts

Savings on cars, financing, wireless service, uniforms and more are available only to Approved schools and can save you thousands of dollars annually.

Customer Service

Arbitration services for member complaints that help schools retain satisfied customers.

ADSN Inquiry

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