Starting January 25: ADTSEA to Host Virtual Winter Professional Development Workshops

Start the new year strong- by upping your game through professional development!  On Tuesday, January 25, ADTSEA begins its annual series of Virtual Winter Workshops, and the topics are dynamite:

Jan. 25

Unique and Engaging Learning Activities

Jan. 27

A Blueprint for Virtual Learning

Feb. 22

Tire Safety: There’s More than Meets the Road

Feb. 24

Strategies for Training Drivers with Disabilities


With the workshops spread over about a month, it should be more convenient for you to join in, schedule-wise, and you’re sure to find something of interest, and further upgrade your expertise in the classroom and behind-the-wheel.  Each session is a full four hours in length, so there’s value, as well as convenience.

Last year, these workshops were very well-attended, because many instructors were able to receive credit toward their annual Professional Development requirements…without even leaving their couch!  Not everyone will be able to attend the in-person ADTSEA Annual Conference in July in Vancouver, Washington, so these workshops may be extra-valuable to some instructors.

This series of workshops is perfect for instructors who have never connected with ADTSEA, as well as for seasoned members- everyone is welcome!

Registration is open now- just click HERE to learn more about each of the sessions, and get signed up.  See you (on Zoom) then!