There’s an App for That! Charlotte Uses Monitoring App to Help Prevent Collisions

The city of Charlotte, NC is testing out a new app designed to help prevent crashes, both at intersections as those that could involve vulnerable road users.  Downloadable to both Apple and Android phones, the free TravelSafely app aims to head-off crashes by providing timely notifications:

A) Help prevent running red lights:
  • The app’s “Red Light Warning” system will monitor the speed at which you approach a red light
  • If the system determines that you are approaching red light fast enough that you might run it, you will be provided with an audible alert
B) Preventing delayed acceleration at green lights:
  • The app’s “Get Ready for Green” system will know if you are waiting at a red light
  • When the light is about to turn green, it will then give you a verbal notice to get ready to move on
C) Preventing speeding through slow speed areas:
  • It’s “Slow Speed Zone Warning” feature will monitor your speed
  • If it determines that you are driving too fast in a slow speed area (e.g., a temporary work zone), it will warn you with an audible alert
D) Protecting vulnerable road users:
  • If a bicyclist ahead is also using the TravelSafely app, it will alert you than the cyclist is ahead
  • If a pedestrian nearby is using the app, it will notify you if that pedestrian enters a crosswalk that you are approaching

The Charlotte DOT will be testing the app in a specific geographic area, and will perform evaluations to determine the app’s effectiveness toward preventing collisions.  While drivers sometime receive too much information, having timely information that could help prevent a crash could really be a game-changer.

It’s good to note that the TravelSafely strives to remind drivers that they still need to remain 100% alert and focused on driving.  Will it work?  We don’t know yet, but let’s stay tuned.  Perhaps technology will help prevent crashes in a big way!

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