How to Drive PowerPoint Slides Unlocked- Rejoice!

AAA How to Drive PowerPoint Downloads Image

As part of the yearly update to the curriculum, the PowerPoint slides for all 19 chapters have been unlocked!  That means you now have full control over your slides, for no additional charge.

Going forward, you can:

  • Add your own slides anywhere in the presentations (e.g., state-specific information, images of specific intersections)
  • Re-arrange slides to match your desired sequence of learning
  • “Hide” slides, so that they are automatically skipped (better to “hide” slides than to delete them)
  • Create totally custom “chapters” that contain any topic and content you want

Current customers simply download the updated slides, and start customizing. 

Several other changes have been accomplished in the 2022 update, including:

  • New content, including but not limited to:
    • Lane Centering VS Lane Keeping Assist
    • Latest results of Automatic Emergency Braking systems testing/bicycle detection- including a new testing video
    • Diverging Diamond intersections
  • Updated/additional speaking points throughout the program
  • Graphic and image updates
  • Updated slides for the appendixes
  • Closed Captioning added to every video

We are also providing a “How To” document, explaining how to:

  • Add and hide slides
  • Modify slides

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time via email at OR for a more immediate response you can use our LIVE CHAT team available during business hours by clicking the chat icon on the lower right-hand corner of our website.