AAA Releases New Content on Fuel-Efficient Driving to Driving Schools

With gas prices reaching record-breaking levels, almost everyone is interested in cutting their fuel costs.  Fortunately, drivers can save money at the pump by making just a few adjustments in how they drive.

To help in this effort, AAA Driver Training will make its latest content on fuel-efficient driving available to driving schools.  The information, from the 15th edition of the How to Drive curriculum, will be available for schools to download, at no cost, for a limited time.

The content includes the latest techniques for maximizing fuel economy:

  • Upon starting your vehicle
  • Idling in traffic, and
  • When accelerating.

It also includes up-to-date tips regarding:

  • Speed selection
  • Route planning
  • Preparing your vehicle to use less fuel
  • The benefits of choosing TOP TIER™ fuels vs others.

Here’s your chance to solve a real-world problem that you and your students face by giving drivers of all ages expert advice on how to use less fuel and save money. 

Click here to learn how you can save on fuel costs now

How to Drive - save on fuel costs animation