Educational App Scavenger Hunt

Time 2:00 Min

Navigating the vast amount of classroom learning app resources available can be daunting at best. Choosing apps to enhance your students’ learning has its challenges as well. I suggest that once you have selected apps that fit your teaching style and comfort level, send your students on an app scavenger hunt.

How to Play

In PowerPoint create a list of apps, (see Image) and be sure to include any apps you will be using during the course. Build the PowerPoint slide as a display-on-click type animation so that only one app appears at a time.

Have your students use their phones (if applicable).

            NOTE: If a student does not have a smartphone, pair that student with one that does.

On a separate piece of paper, have your students notate each app they have from the displayed list.

The student with the most apps can win some type of prize.

Why do this? You are searching for only a couple of specific apps here. In this case, Whova, Kahoot, and Menti were the ones I was looking for, because those are the apps I would be working with in the content delivery.

By knowing up front what apps your students have, you will know if they may need extra time to download them.