A Shocking Solution to Texting and Driving?


With texting and driving being such a high-risk activity, it’s no surprise that creative people have developed all sorts of countermeasures.  But there’s a new one that is positively shocking- with a dog shock collar, that is…

That’s right, an inventive fellow created an anti-texting-and-driving system that simply shocks the driver when they look down at their phone.  Using a Bluetooth sensor paired with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, the system measures the angle of the driver’s head- the sensor package clips on to any set of eyeglasses.

The result?  Zap!...A very powerful motivator to avoid texting and driving.  It turns out that pain can be a very effective learning tool, and can help change behavior quickly.  Of course, it’s not expected that any particular driver would voluntarily use this system, but the designer is sharing all his plans, in case you want to give it a try.  And watching his 11 minute video of him explaining and testing the system will probably be the most entertaining thing you could do this week!

Check out his video HERE.