Volvo Has Your Back After a Crash

After a crash, even if it’s a small one, any driver would be frazzled and maybe have a case of the nerves.  It’s possible they just experienced a high-g event, such as slowing down rapidly after crashing into a solid object.  Even experts may not be thinking about the next steps to take, once all involved are taken care of medically, and traffic is flowing again.  That’s why Volvo created its “Car Accident Advisor” app, for use by Volvo owners.

Yes, the term “accident” is now rarely used to describe
traffic crashes, due to its possible connotation that there was no
human cause involved- that’s rarely the case with motor vehicle crashes.  But once past the name, the app has the
potential to get you through the rest of what needs to be done on scene.

After determining you don’t need emergency assistance, the
app will send you a text message that will take you to the Advisor
service.  You’ll then receive recommended
steps to take, such as taking photos of the crash damage, capturing your
comments on the event, and collecting information about any other road users
and vehicles involved.

This package of information is then sent directly to your
auto insurer, so a claim can be initiated as soon as possible.  It will also help you locate Volvo-approved
repair centers, if needed.  Of course,
the key is to have your cell phone available, and that’s one more reason to keep
in tucked safely away in your glovebox or center console.  If you leave your phone next to you on your
seat, there’s no telling where it will end up after a crash…

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