Worried About Your EV Not Having Enough Charge?  Here Comes the Remote Charging Robot!

One of the largest concerns drivers have about electric vehicles (EVs) is the possibility of running out of battery power while away from their permanent charging station- range anxiety! While it’s relatively easy to ensure an EV is charged up by plugging it in to a power source at home, what happens if your battery is running low while you are away from home?

That is where the mobile EV-charging robot comes in!  Under development by Aiways, its charger is simply requested by a driver via an app, then it drives itself to the EV’s location, and automatically plugs itself into the vehicle to charge it.  And charging won’t take long, due to the robot’s charging power- it is capable of increasing an EV’s battery level to 80 percent in less than one hour.

In sum, instead of having to drive to some unknown charging station, the station comes directly to your vehicle and takes care of business, ensuring you have plenty of juice to make it to your next destination.  Beyond looking rather cool, sort of like a Star Wars droid, it also holds promise to significantly reduce the biggest concern people have about EVs, thus helping to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, and supporting further reductions in vehicle-related negative impacts on the environment.  Charge on!


More info at: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/chinese-robot-named-carl-sneaks-up-on-your-ev-and-charges-it-behind-your-back-142784.html