Video Rear View Mirror – New from Cadillac

Checking traffic behind you will be easier than ever, after Cadillac releases its new video rear view mirror that is actually a video projection.  Using a camera pointed to the rear, the system displays the super-accurate, high-def image onto a special rear view mirrors.  But why do this?

Because visibility is king.  It turns out that the “pixel level intelligence” creates a much clearer image than the driver would otherwise see.  Plus, the system virtually “erases” the rear side pillars, reducing blind spots, which results in a near-40% field of vision to the rear.

That adds up to better visibility, which is critical to safe driving.  The better a driver can see, whether to the front or rear, the better he or she will be able to perceive the traffic environment.  After all, if you don’t see something, you can’t avoid it.

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