Teaching with Technology

Having been in driver education for more than 20 years, I have seen technology in the classroom go from slide shows, advanced by audio cassette, to the online gaming apps being used today.

Long gone are the days of saying “alright class, turn your phones off.” Today’s students are thirsty for knowledge, as long as they can use an electronic device to obtain it. This is where instructors need to step up and incorporate ways to utilize electronics in support of classroom activities.

Compiled below are some resources, along with descriptors I have used with success:

  • Poll Everywhere: Poll Everywhere is an online polling site that allows users to craft their own questions, and it allows students to answer via text message.

  • Near Pod: Near Pod allows users to add quizzes, polls, slideshows, videos and other activities in lesson plans. Students can utilize cell phones to answer.

  • Jing: Jing is a product that allows users to capture screen images and turn them into PowerPoint slides and video slideshows.

  • Study Blue: With Study Blue, users can create and share flashcards as an interactive exercise.

I do not recommend incorporating all of these programs in a single lesson. You will find though, by adding one or two each time, you and your students will have fun while learning.