Teaching Tip: It’s All About Attitude

It has been said that an instructor with a poor attitude can destroy good content, but an instructor with a positive or good attitude can overcome poor content.  How you present yourself has a direct correlation to how your students will feel about what you are presenting.

Start Strong

If an instructor starts off a class by saying “This isn’t the most interesting information, but we need to get through it”, it’s a pretty good bet that the students in that class will not be terribly excited to receive the ensuing information. Now imagine if you attend a class where the instructor starts off by saying “The information I’m about to give you will someday save your life.” A statement like that would at the very least make people sit up in their chairs and take notice.

Finish Stronger

Start strong and finish stronger!  As long as you have the attention of your students, they are learning.  Explain the topic benefits to students as you go.  They may not take all of the information to heart but if an instructor shows passion and enthusiasm, students take some of that information and commit it to memory.