Nissan Reminds Drivers: Forget Something in the Back Seat?

Image: Nissan

Sadly, we all hear about children or pets injured or killed
when unintentionally left in a vehicle’s back seat, as temperatures rise to a
deadly level, especially during the summer months.  These events are tragic, preventable and
downright scary.

But Nissan is stepping up to help out in this area, with its
Rear Door Alert system.  It works like
this. The system uses door sensors to monitor whether either back door is
opened before the ride started, such as when placing precious cargo in the back
seat.  If a door was opened before
driving began, after the car is parked, the RDA system will both display and
message on the dash and honk the horn, to help remind the driver to check the back
seat area.  If a back door was not opened
before the trip began, no reminder warning is issued.

In today’s world, it’s so easy to fall into our habitual
driving routines, and perhaps forget that we put something into the rear seat.  But if a driver was changing their routine to
transport precious cargo, it certainly can’t hurt to receive a reminder to
check the back seat.  Nissan expects to
expand availability of its RDA system until 2022, when it will be included on
all 4-door sedans, SUVs and trucks.

Image: Nissan

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