Mercedes Headlights to Project Warnings and Driving Tips Directly onto Road Ahead

With its “Digital Light” system, Mercedes will offer the first-of-a-kind headlight assembly that projects driving safety-related information directly onto the road ahead.  Designed to help drivers, the projection system is very bright and focused, using a resolution level exceeding one million pixels.

The safety information can display a snowflake to let the driver know that slippery conditions are ahead, or a construction symbol to remind drivers to keep an eye out for nearby road workers.  The system can even project a pair of white lines ahead, so drivers can easily see if they will fit into a parking space to the front.  Plus it can point an arrow at a pedestrian, so the driver knows exactly where that vulnerable road user is along the roadway.

To be released soon on the Maybach line of vehicles, Mercedes hopes to help drivers keep their eyes on the road while providing them with actionable safety information in real time.  The approach is sound- you’ve got to be able to see something before you can avoid it!

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