Mercedes-Benz Crosswind Instability: Solved!

Have you ever been driving a larger vehicle, and felt pushed around, side-to-side by crosswinds?  Well, Mercedes-Benz now has your back, or rather, your sides.  The company’s new “Crosswind Assist” system helps to prevent sidewinds from pushing your vehicle out of your lane.

As long as you are driving faster than 50 mph, the systems’s yaw sensor measures the forces imposed by sidewinds.  It then automatically counter-steers the vehicle, by applying one or more of the vehicle’s brakes.  Aided by the company’s electronic stability system, the brake application helps to “slow down” one corner of the vehicle, helping to keep it pointed directly where the driver intends.  That sure beats being thrown about as you drive along the road!

If the recent weather patterns have been any indication, the threat of crosswinds causing vehicle instability is not going away any time soon.  The good news is that innovator Mercedes-Benz is out front again, helping to prevent any side-swipe or out-of-lane events, which can be extremely dangerous, in terms of injuries and overall chance of death.

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