How Prepared for a Trip Are You?

Vacation travel is on the rise as families set out for their end-of-summer trips. Unfortunately, as travelers pack up the family car with gear and devices to keep the kiddos happy, many drivers forget about the basics needed for a safe and successful trip.

Here is an exercise that can be used for not only new drivers, but for experienced drivers alike, to make sure they’re prepared for a trip.

Time: 15 minutes


  • Everything the instructor can get, as it relates to packing the vehicle for safe travel. Some items include:

    • Spare tire

    • Emergency flares/reflective triangles

    • Jack

    • Small tool set

    • Lug wrench

    • Blanket

    • Small board (to put the jack on)

    • Gloves

    • Rags

    • Quart of oil

    • Spare coolant

    • Spare light bulbs

    • First-Aid Kit

    • Poncho

    • Flashlight

  • Candy or other rewards

  • Large table

  • Paper or flipchart

  • Twin size bed sheet or larger


  1. Before class, arrange your safe travel items on a table and cover them with a sheet.

  2. Separate students into groups of 5 to 7.

  3. Have all the groups approach the table and instruct them not to say anything.

  4. Remove the sheet and allow the students to view the items for 30 seconds.

  5. Have the students return to a table with their group and select a scribe.

  6. Instruct students to discuss as a group, listing all items they can remember. Have the scribe write them on the paper or flip-chart.

  7. Have a spokesperson from each group read off what they listed.

  8. The group with the most correct items on the list, wins.

Provide the winning group with some candy or other rewards