Honda Begins Large-Scale Test of Car-to-Car Communication

Never a company to be left behind, Honda is participating in a significant test to evaluate how car-to-car (C2C) technology can help make drivers more aware, more efficient and safer.  Honda will activate up to 100 cars in Japan, and utilize five different routes frequently used by commuting drivers.

One of the functions to be tested is how effectively the system can provide information to the driver regarding the appropriate speed to travel right now.  For example, the system is designed to tell drivers how fast they should drive so that the next signal light is green by the time they approach it.  This could help drivers avoid having to brake suddenly and reduce fuel consumption.

The C2C system will also inform stationary drivers when their signal light is about to change from red to green, helping them be ready to pull away at the earliest opportunity.  With traffic congestion growing, this type of information could help ease traffic flow, serving to reduce travel times, and hopefully reduce drivers’ collective levels of frustration.  Overall, expect to see more and more testing of such systems, as technology evolves to facilitate faster and more accurate communication among vehicles.

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