Goodyear Working on “Intelligrip” Tires Designed for Self-Driving Vehicles

Creating tires since the early 1900s, Goodyear is already designing tires to be used on self-driving (“autonomous”) vehicles.  Currently in the concept phase, Goodyear’s “Intelligrip” tire employs sensors that monitor the surface conditions of the road below.

After this information is communicated to the vehicle’s on-board computer, the tire will then adjust itself to improve performance, especially in poor weather conditions.  In rain, the tire will alter the vehicle’s speed, increasing traction.  Stopping distances can also be shortened, which is always helpful, in any road conditions.  Intelligrip tires can also provide improved cornering response.

Lastly, the tire also monitors itself, constantly assessing its inflation pressure and its overall running temperature.  Any potential problems are immediately communicated to the vehicle.

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