GM’s New “Valet Mode” Helps Take the Sting Out of Valet Parking Your Corvette

Hate the idea of having to valet park your new Stingray Corvette?  GM understands your pain, and has responded with the “Valet Mode.”  Offered on the 2014 Corvette, Valet Mode is designed to help prevent inappropriate use or outright abuse of owners’ Corvettes in valet parking situations.

As valet drivers have been known to take customers’ cars on joyrides (Ferris Bueller, anyone?), GM is aiming to prevent such shenanigans and keep tabs on these vehicles by utilizing video playback technology.  When the car is returned to the customer, he or she can watch a complete video of the period during which it should have been safely parked.

Further, the system also presents owners with complete data on vehicle speed, engine RPM, gear position and G-forces.  Naturally, this information can be preserved for later use by owners, such as in legal proceedings.  Other features include the ability to lock all interior storage areas and completely disabling the infotainment system.

Like other high performance vehicles, Corvettes are meant to be driven.  Hopefully GM’s new Valet Mode will help make it all the easier for owners to feel comfortable taking their Corvette out for an evening on the town.