Gearing Up for the Busy Season

That time of year has come once again. Driving schools across the nation are preparing for the explosion of students coming in just a few short months. How ready are you? I know not everyone uses the same curriculum or teaching aides but there are some basics to remember before the season hits so you can be ready to meet the needs of your students. We have prepared a list of basic items to check and stock/restock if needed. A little preparation can greatly reduce the stresses associated with your busy season.

Classroom Delivery In-Car Training
Supply of current textbooks and videos Vehicle Inspection
Desks/surfaces are clean and in good repair Vehicle maintenance
Back-up AV equipment Secondary brake inspection
Licenses and certifications meet state requirements Finalized route plans
Extra mirrors
Select instructors and secondary instructors for course delivery Wedge cushion
Instructor handouts Pedal extensions
Stationary and other basic office supplies Emergency road kit
Freebies – collect all your free giveaways at tradeshows and conferences Full size spare tire (I recommend keeping a couple in your stockpile)
Toiletries Instructor schedules