Evasive Steering Assist: Fords to Automatically Steer Around Road Obstacles

With the release of its Evasive Steering Assist, Ford is aiming to reduce collisions by automatically steering around obstacles in the roadway ahead. When faced with an obstacle just ahead, most drivers will go ahead and start to turn the steering wheel, to steer around the object. But many times drivers turn the wheel too much or too little, or too early or too late.

That’s when Evasive Steering Assist comes in. As soon as it detects the driver starting to turn the wheel, it takes over and makes the right amount of steering, using the right timing, to maximize the chance of avoiding the object. And avoiding colliding with anything else nearby, of course.

While not yet available for purchase, Ford hopes to make the system available soon. And if you’re thinking that Evasive Steering Assist would also be used by future autonomous vehicles, you’d be right…

More information at: http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/news/a31424/ford-evasive-steering-assist/