Ending on a Positive Note

Having taught thousands of students over the years, I’ve heard and seen some pretty interesting things. But few comments are more frustrating than hearing a student say “I learned nothing in this class.”

Here is a way you can review/revisit information in a in a forum that demonstrates not only that something was learned, but that it was retained: end on a positive note.

Time: 10 Minutes

Items needed:  3 X 5 cards (enough that each student has one)


  • Pass out the 3 X 5 cards so that each student has one.

  • Have the students write down two things they learned from the class session. (2 minutes)

  • Have students meet with at least two other students in the class, not at their table, and share information on the card with those students. (8 minutes +/-)

This is a technique used to gauge if students are retaining the information. When a student can recall and explain to someone that same information, learning has occurred.