Driving Hacks: Issue #1

We’re going to periodically post fun and interesting “driving hacks” to help you make the most of your time behind the wheel. See below for this issue’s tips and tricks!

  1. Did you know your steering wheel is likely covered in gross germs and other guck? (And no, you really don’t want to know more than that…).  So, when you leave the grocery store to head out to your car, grab one of those hand wipes they provide to wipe down the handle of your shopping cart- use it to wipe down your steering wheel!  (and the shifter, door handles, key fob, etc.- you get the idea)

  2. Is it too warm outside to use your seat heaters? Remember- they do a great job of keeping pizza warm as you drive home!

  3. Is one of your passengers prone to motion sickness? Have them bite on a bay leaf while driving along – it might help keep their stomach stabilized.

  4. Never have any tissue handy when driving? Here’s your hack: cut a larger hole in the top of a coffee cup top, and put tissue down into the cup.  When you need it, it’s right there!