Back to School Tune-Up

As students return to the academic grind, it’s time for both the driving school and its instructors to review and refresh. Both the equipment and instructors are subject to fatigue and breakdown. Now is the time for a reset. As some instructors return to their K – 12 teaching positions private driving schools are left with a laundry list of tasks to manage as business begins to calm down.

One of the most important of these tasks is vehicle maintenance. Over the summer, vehicles take a beating with one student after another. Special attention should be given to the condition of the tires. Look for any uneven wear or bulges in the sidewall of the tire, and any damage to the rims caused by instructors letting students hit curbs.

Next, check, and if necessary, replace the vehicle fluids. You can extend the life of the training vehicle by changing the motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid and even the brake fluid.

While the cars are freshened up, also make sure to take some time to invest in your staff. The summer driver education season is a grind that takes a serious toll on your team. Instructors, in many cases also need a refresher after the long summer season. One great way to do this is to host an “employee appreciation” event. This could be anything from a cookout to a formal dinner, to highlight individual and company accomplishments. Recognize those employees that have gone above and beyond their basic duties with simple tokens of appreciation, such as gift cards or other rewards. This is also a great opportunity to have your instructors share their trials and tribulations from the summer.  Their feedback can be used as a tool to better prepare instructors for the next busy season; Winter break. The most important thing to remember is to have fun in a relaxed setting, and let your employees know you appreciate all that they do.

With both your vehicles and instructors looking good and operating like well-oiled machines, you will be able to increase productivity. This will be accomplished by a reduction in vehicle breakdowns as a result of maintenance. Additionally, the impact on staff morale will have a direct impact on positive productivity moving forward.