AAA Foundation Learns More About Older Drivers

Did you know that three out of every four male drivers over age 85 drive five or more days each week, on average?  This is just one of the interesting findings in the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s new report, titled Understanding Older Drivers: An Examination of Medical Conditions, Medication Use, and Travel Behaviors.

It turns out that older drivers are rather active drivers, and that this group is growing dramatically.  And although they are more likely to have a driver’s license later in life, drivers ages 65-69 are also more likely to report having a medical condition, compared to drivers 24-64.  As a result, over 90% of older drivers take some sort of prescription medication, and two-thirds of those drivers take multiple medications.

Fortunately, older drivers were found to be taking their medical conditions into account.  First, 75% of drivers age 65 and older who have a medical condition reported reduced daily travel.  Second, older drivers using medications avoid driving at night at double the rate of drivers 24-64.  Although these are good signs, older drivers could benefit from knowing much more about how their medications could negatively affect their driving.

Given that this market segment will be expanding dramatically, savvy driving schools should be preparing to meet these drivers’ needs; those schools that can help them drive longer, safely, will be highly valued and maintain a significant advantage over their competition.

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