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Teaching Your Teens to Drive


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An entire program parents or instructors can utilize when navigating teaching teens to drive. Including a 60 minute video and an in-car handbook, the program helps introduce the responsibility of driving in graduated stages through a proven training curriculum based on the most common causes of teen-driver crashes.

Teaching Your Teens to Drive consists of 13 lessons focusing on developing the following skills:

  • Basic vehicle control.
  • Positioning and speed adjustment.
  • Passing and off-road maneuvers.
  • Visual search habits.
  • Freeway and night driving.
  • Driving on slippery surfaces.
  • Reducing risks.

Before taking to the road, the 13 lessons contained in the 50-minute DVD should be viewed with teens. Then, during in-car driving lessons, follow the step-by-step approaches contained in each section.

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    An over abundance of information that will surely give teenagers pause when driving.

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