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One Drink Can Be Too Many (100-Pack)


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(3 customer reviews)
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Drinking and driving don’t mix. The 8-page brochure erases the common myth that drivers can quickly “sober up” after drinking and covers factors that affect one’s BAC. Learn how alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and how it affects the brain, impairing driving performance. There are many consequences to drinking while driving – don’t learn the hard way.

100 brochures/bundle

3 reviews for One Drink Can Be Too Many (100-Pack)

  1. CrashGooseHuth (verified owner)

    Love this tool. Gives facts that young people don’t realize because of all of the misinformation out there.

  2. info2

    On the mark with information . Disproves many of the rumors surrounding drinking and driving

  3. Abby

    Great prevention tool! Consequences of drinking while driving are serious!

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