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Access AAA’s award-winning driver education videos through your choice of online delivery or DVD. This content was designed for use with the How to Drive curriculum.


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    • You, Driving and Risk
      • The Highway Transportation System
      • Young Drivers and Risk
      • Why Driver Education?
    • Knowing Your Vehicle
      • Pre-Driving Checks
      • Adjusting the Vehicle to Fit You
      • Mirror Settings and use
      • Occupant Protection
      • Vehicle Controls
    • Starting, Steering & Stopping
      • Inertia, Gravity & Kinetic Energy
      • Starting the Vehicle
      • Steering
      • Stopping
      • Backing
      • Securing the Vehicle
    • Signs, Signals and Road Markings
      • Signs
      • Signals
      • Road Markings
    • Traffic Laws
      • Administrative Laws
      • Rules of the Road
      • Vehicle Operation Laws
    • Vision & Perception
      • Seeing Ahead
      • Seeing to the Sides
      • Seeing Behind
  • Space Management
    • Space to the Front
    • Space to the Sides
    • Space to the Rear
    • Space and Speed
  • Basic Vehicle Maneuvers
    • Changing Lanes
    • Turning
    • Parking
  • Sharing the Roadway
    • Common Conflict Situations
    • Communication
    • Other Roadway Users
    • Intersections
    • Merging
  • Alcohol and Driving
    • Alcohol’s Effects on the Body
    • Alcohol and Driving Ability
    • Alcohol Elimination
  • Distractions, Drowsiness & Emotions
    • Distracted Driving
    • Drowsy Driving
    • Emotions and Driving
  • Adverse Conditions & Emergencies
    • Reduced Visibility
    • Reduced Traction
    • Emergency Maneuvers
    • Vehicle Failures
  • Trouble-Free Driving
    • Tire Safety
    • Vehicle Checks

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