Points Program

Your Current Point Balance:

This program is designed to reward our customers for their continued support of our programs. This system is for registered users on this site.

How to Earn Points

Points can be earned in numerous ways:

Instance Amount Limit
Thanks for registering for an account with us! We are so glad to have you.Redeem My Points $ 20.00 -
Thanks for your comment - it was approved!Redeem My Points $ 0.03 Maximum 10 times per post
Thanks for referring a visitor to our site!Redeem My Points $ 1.00 Maximum once per day
Thanks for referring a new member!Redeem My Points $ 5.00 Maximum once per day
Points for new group topic $ 1.00 No limit
Someone favorited your forum topic - nice!Redeem My Points $ 0.05 No limit
Thanks for posting a reply on the forum!Redeem My Points $ 0.05 No limit
We love reviews! Thanks so much! :)Redeem My Points $ 1.00 No limit
Points for creating a new group $ 20.00 -
Points for updating group topic $ 1.00 No limit
Points for new group post $ 1.00 No limit
Points for updating group post $ 1.00 No limit
Points for joining new group $ 10.00 No limit

Another way to earn points is simply to make a purchase on this site.
For every dollar you spend (does not include tax or S&H dollars), you get 1 point.

How to Redeem Points

Convert points into coupons

Simply type in the amount of points you want to use and submit the form. A coupon code will be generated and emailed to you. You can see all of your coupons on your account page under the “Points” tab.

Convert Points to Coupons