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AAA provides the same high quality driver safety information and educational programs using convenient, online delivery.  There are programs for a variety of different audiences geared at promoting safety for all those who share the road.  *Note: not all programs are available in all areas.


How to Drive Online (novice driver’s education)

How to Drive online provides every new driver the tools he or she needs to develop safe driving habits for life.  The program is delivered in an interactive and innovative way, testing students’ knowledge throughout. Availability is dependent on state approval and requirements. Contact your local club for more information.  (Currently available in CA only.)

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StartSmart Parent Orientation Session (for novice driver’s education)

It is important that parents are prepared for the steps involved in teaching their teens to drive.  This program will discuss the importance of parental involvement, highlight the common risk factors associated with teenage drivers, and provide useful resources and tips designed to help monitor and supervise teen driving.  Visit for more information.

Senior Driver Improvement Online Course

Designed specifically to help older drivers sharpen their driving skills.  Learn how to adjust for slower reflexes, weaker vision and other changes that can impact driving behaviors as one ages.  The course will also get users up to speed on the latest in vehicle technology and may qualify for discounts on auto insurance.  Visit

Corporate Fleet Training

This is a simple solution for employers looking to provide driver safety courses for employees who drive as a part of company business.  The program can reduce liability risk, increase productivity, and may lower insurance costs.  It is simple to manage, allowing employers to track and monitor employee progress.  Check out AAA’s online fleet program for more information.

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