Driver Improvement Program (DIP)



Become a DIP Instructor. Grow Your Business.

The AAA Driver Improvement Program can help you grow your business by reaching more students. Instruction is delivered in eight 50-minute modules that can be presented as a total program. Or you can use individual units for presentations to civic groups or “lunch and learn” seminars.

AAA Roadwise Driver is a true senior-focused version of the program which addresses natural age-based changes, managing one’s medications, adjusting habits to reduce risk, and the value of planning for ongoing mobility.

Features of the program include actual crash scenes integrated into the program (courtesy of DriveCam), significant integration with the Student Guide, all HD-video in English/Spanish, plus favorable and competitive pricing.

This Program Is Right for:

Traffic Offenders

The defensive driving material in this course has qualified traffic offenders for point reduction since 1977. Major insurance carriers also may reduce premiums for drivers who complete this program.

Corporate Fleets

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that traffic safety programs help companies protect fleet employees while cutting costs related to crashes and lost productivity. The relevance and flexibility of the AAA Driver Improvement Program make it a cost-effective option for both large and small fleets.

Senior Drivers

As people age, their bodies undergo various changes which can have a huge impact on the driving habits of a driver. This can be a difficult transition for many. Getting tips and training on how to cope with these changes can prove to be extremely beneficial in maintaining one’s independence as they age.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Using Speed & Space Effectively Getting Ready to Drive
  • Effective Visual Awareness Sharing the Road
  • Adverse Conditions & Driving Emergencies Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Distractions, Drowsiness & Emotions

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Reasons to Buy

Amazing Video Content

All HD video including in-car footage of safe/unsafe driving behavior plus actual crash scene footage!


Our DVD and Instructor Kit are easy-to-use and provide hours of engaging content and the student manuals are fully integrated into the program for increased student clarity.


Our materials are as much as 79% less expensive than our competitors’ and provide more content, more tools, and more up-to-date information.

Advanced Technology

Our video content, included tools, and material cover the most recent changes in technology and keeps instructors at the forefront of today’s driver education information.

What Others are Saying

Certification Process

Becoming an Instructor

Instructors teach to the general public.


  1. Must pass class with 70 or better
  2. No major infractions on driving record for 3 years
  3. Written approval from local AAA club prior to registering for the class
  4. Be a minimum of 21 years old
  5. Recertification is every 3 years

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Becoming a Lead Instructor

Lead Instructors train and certify others to become instructors.


  1. Must teach DIP (as an instructor) for one year
  2. Score 88 or better in the DIP class
  3. Written approval by the local AAA club prior to registering for the class
  4. No major infractions on driving record for the past 3 years
  5. Recertification is every 3 years

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