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Our whole program is plug-and-play. Our Starter Kit has everything you need to start teaching the moment you receive the order.

Customize everything

Just the way you like it

Between our customizable PowerPoint and the program’s modular structure, you can mix and match or even add/remove entire sections!

Welcome to the 21st century

A program as modern as your students

No dated videos, overhead projector slides, and flip phone graphics! How to Drive is current, relevant, and up-to-date by all standards.

3.5 Hours of Award-Winning Videos

What’s Included?

The How to Drive program consists of the following components, which are sold separately or as part of a package as detailed at the bottom of the page.

1. Instructor Guide

This package includes a 3″ binder of lesson plan material, one PowerPoint Disc, and one Test Booklet for reference.

PowerPoint Disc

This disc includes 450 pre-built slides for you to use as-is or you can customize them as you need!

Already have content you’re using in your classroom? Add it as a new slide to incorporate into How to Drive.

3″ Binder

The binder includes details lesson plans for all 17 chapters of the course – everything you need to start teaching is laid out explicitly:

  • Chapter overview of topics and lesson objectives
  • Teaching scripts – know what to say, when to initiate activities, and when to play video clips
  • Additional tips to add to your lesson and guide you as you teach

2. Teaching Videos (3.5 Hours)

Our videos are broken up into small segments and you can mix and match as you need or you can follow the directions in the Instructor Guide on when to play them.

All videos are equipped with English closed captioning (for your hearing impaired students) as well as both English and Spanish audio.

You also have two choices on the delivery method:

  1. 2-Disc DVD Set
  2. Online Streaming Option

3. Test Booklet (25-Pack)

Our test booklets include one multiple-choice test for each of the 17 modules of the program, plus one 50-question multiple-choice comprehensive final exam.

4. Student Manual

This 416-page textbook is the ultimate reference guide for any new driver and makes a great resource to give to your students beyond the length of your class.

Broken up into the same corresponding 17 chapters of the rest of the program, this disposable guide will help ensure your students have what they need to succeed.

Available Delivery Methods:

  • Paperback
    • English
    • Spanish
  • eBook (English only)

Still Not Convinced?

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