Safer Behind-the-Wheel Training by Adding Air Purifier in Cup Holder?

Safer Behind-the-Wheel Training by Adding Air Purifier in Cup Holder?

For most driving schools, COVID-19 has made conducting behind-the-wheel training very difficult.  Schools have tried all sorts of solutions, including installing see-through shields between the driver and front passenger, wearing gloves and double masking, setting the AirCon set to “fresh” air, and keeping all the windows down for added ventilation (During winter? I don’t think so!).

But there is a new product that might be a potential and/or partial solution.  It simply involves adding extra filtration to the cabin air, beyond what a vehicle’s AirCon system can provide.  For about $100, you could add a FrescheAir Portable HEPA Air Purifier/Deodorizer, which fits right into a cup holder.  Its purifier helps filter the air, removing dust and allergens, and features an integrated HEPA filter (it’s science, you know).

The device is powered through a USB connection, and automatically starts when you enter the vehicle, courtesy of its motion-activated sensors.  Of course, it shuts off once you exit the vehicle.  The system’s top-mounted display even allows you to monitor the cabin’s air quality, as well as temperature and humidity levels.

But wait there’s more- you can even use it inside a home, say, next to your computer!  Just plug it in to a common USB wall charger and enjoy cleaner air directly around you.

In today’s environment, even the air around us can be a threat.  The FrescheAir system might be able to play a role in helping keep your air cleaner, for the benefit of everyone aboard.

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