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Gear Up to Teach Classroom Virtually!


COVID-19 has forced changes in how training is currently being delivered. Public and private driving schools are quickly developing and implementing plans to keep their students actively learning via virtual learning systems. With many tools to support virtual learning available, it can be overwhelming to identify one that meets your training needs.

The Association of National Stakeholders in Traffic Safety Education (ANSTSE) developed a tutorial, showcasing five separately recorded video segments, designed to give instructors a starting point to conducting virtual and distance learning training. AAA Driver Training was honored to play a role in conducting the webinar.

To view the recorded Virtual Training Tutorial for Driver Education, visit the ANSTSE website newsletter by clicking the “Sharing” image above. Once on the website, click on the links Part 1 – 4 to get started on delivering quality virtual and distance learning courses.

For more information, contact Richard Chidester at rchidester@national.aaa.com.

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