All Windows Down

Remote key fobs sure are handy, but yours might do even more than unlock the doors. Some manufacturers’ key fobs are also capable of lowering all a vehicle’s windows and opening the sunroof from outside the car!  That feature can be really useful when the in-vehicle temperatures have risen to an uncomfortable level; opening the windows and sunroof before entering the vehicle can allow a lot of that heat to escape before you get in.

But this feature is not always labeled on a key fob, so you have to know the sequence to activate it. On most vehicles that are equipped with this feature, you press the unlock button once, and then press it again and hold it down within 10 seconds of the first press. Keeping the button pressed will allow the windows to roll all the way down.

Give it a try- your vehicle might have this great, handy feature!

Key Fobs and Home Security

To aid in personal security, many key fobs have an “alarm” button that activates the vehicle’s alarm, a loud noise designed to drive away anyone messing with your vehicle.  But it can also help from within your home…

The fact is that many key fobs will activate the alarm from remote distances.  Thus, you should consider keeping your key fob next to your bed at night.  That way, if you hear something go “bump” in the middle of the night, you can hit the alarm button, and sound the horn. If there is someone nearby with nefarious intent, a loud car horn honking repeatedly might be plenty to drive them off.

So try your key Fob’s alarm feature from next to your bed- it might activate your vehicle’s horn, acting as a makeshift home alarm system!

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