Ford’s Latest Invention: A Baby Crib that’s Like a Car!

If you have children, you may be very familiar with the process of getting them to sleep when they were young by taking them for a drive.  For some babies, it works like a charm!

That’s why Ford has created a baby crib designed to simulate riding in a car- to help little ones go to sleep, and stay asleep.  Called “Max Motor Dreams,” the crib replicates a soothing car ride, gently rocking to mimic the motions of a car out on the road.  The crib also employs LEDs to simulate driving past street lights, and pipes in engine noise as well, to make the experience as authentic as possible.

It may not work for all babies, but if your little one does fall asleep in the car, Ford’s Max Motor Dreams crib might be a perfect fit with your family.

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