True Implications of Distracted Driving (Infographic)

Do you think you understand the risks and implications of distracted driving? Think again! Check out this awesome distracted driving infographic and get a better handle on what it means for you!

Distracted Driving Infographic

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  • amell evans

    Be Smart Driving Academy llc.
    June 10, 2015 ·
    Everyone has somebody or something they live for, June is National Safety Month I want to know what you’re passionate about, as for me, I’m a Master Driver’s Educational Instructor with over Thirty Years of Driver’s Safety Experience and owner of a New Driving School in Anchorage, Be Smart Driving Academy llc. In these many years of behind the wheel and classroom training, I have born A Communicative Trust, with my community, in which I have personally helped with the development of thousands of today roadway users living in the state of Alaska,as well as many folks that live in other parts the United States.I have trained students that come from other countries with the transition of driving in America, for all these driving students whose progress to a level good enough and got a driver’s licence with my support,this in it’s self, benefits everyone who drive and works with The Transportation of people,goods and services. My Life is build on the goal of helping people be aware of the risk when operating a motor vehicle and always being safe when doing so! I am, Butch Evans,a driving instructor and I am here for your driving needs.
    Be Smart Driving Academy llc

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