One Drink Can Be Too Many – Brand New Informative Alcohol Brochure!

When it comes to alcohol, most people know where to get it, and how to drink it. But everyone who drives a car needs to know more about alcohol and how it affects driving abilities and the real chances of causing a traffic crash. This brand new brochure is designed to provide drivers with information they can use to help prevent alcohol impaired driving among themselves and throughout the community. Features include: a quiz to test the student’s knowledge on how well they know their alcohol facts; Beer vs. Whisky – many people think it’s OK to drive after drinking beer, thinking it’s not as strong as whiskey, wine or other spirits; What BAC is and how alcohol effects various body weights; Understand the penalties for driving while impaired by alcohol, how to prevent alcohol-impaired driving and a Pledge card for the wallet to drive free of alcohol and other drugs. Only $15.95 per pack of 100 brochures. Order today from our webstore.