So, you’ve seen the headlines about the new Driver Improvement Program. You’ve heard about the changes, the added features, the updated content. Maybe you’ve even purchased the new curriculum and are anxious to start teaching.

But, do you know the new program enough to teach it?

Join us for our upcoming webinar on all things DIP and you’ll get,

  • A synopsis of new features and content in the new program
  • Best ways to adapt your current teaching style to the new lesson plans
  • Details on the new video footage available and when to include it in your class
  • A Q&A session dedicated to answering your specific questions and concerns

Join us Wednesday, August 13th, from 2:30pm to 4:00pm by clicking here.

To dial in, call +1 (866) 889-4463 and enter code 1182131548.

For questions, call or email Rich Chidester at (407) 444-7549.

* You must be a certified DIP Instructor in order to purchase DIP materials or teach the course.