Updated How to Drive instructor guide available

An updated version of the instructor guide for AAA’s How to Drive program is available to purchase.

Revisions include prompts directing instructors to play various segments of the How to Drive DVD. References to older videos were removed, and Teaching Your Teen to Drive and DriverZED are not included. There were no other changes to the overall curriculum.

“The award-winning How to Drive DVD, which was produced in 2012, was developed to replace older materials referenced in the curriculum,” said Driver Training Programs Marketing Specialist Mike Keesee. “Having just one video to support the curriculum makes the program more user-friendly and consistent from a delivery standpoint, enhancing the learning experience.”

Instructors who have the older guide can request a handout demonstrating use of the How to Drive DVD with their version from Driver Training Programs.

Contact Keesee: (407) 444-7423.