DIP course completed following Oklahoma tornado

Despite a devastating nearby tornado and loss of electricity, Driver Training Programs was able to complete AAA Driver Improvement Program instructor certification training for employees of an Oklahoma company specializing in oil rig electrical and safety services.

“On our first day of training, Oklahoma experienced the most deadly tornado outbreak in history with the May 20th tornado coming within a couple of miles from our office,” said Carl Rose, Manager, Protect Safety, a division of Burton Controls, Inc.  “We ended the class early that day to seek shelter from the tornadoes.  The following day we met again for our training.  Our hearts were heavy for those affected.”

To overcome the lack of power, Driver Training Programs Lead Instructor Richard Chidester and five employees of Burton Controls used LED safety glasses for viewing and laptop battery backups to finish the course, which was conducted the week of May 20.

“Although not an optimal situation for training, the course was well-received, and participants were very receptive to the modified presentation,” Chidester said. “Given the circumstances, the class was conducted utilizing available resources while still keeping safety a top priority.”

Burton Controls has been asked by several oil and gas companies to conduct driver safety training to decrease vehicle incident rates and will offer both AAA DIP classroom and behind-the-wheel training.

“We chose the AAA Driver Improvement Program after researching other offerings,” said Carl Rose of Burton Controls. “We took confidence in the AAA name and, after reviewing the setup, were convinced this was the program for us.”

DIP audiences include club road service and corporate fleets, traffic offenders, mature operators and others seeking to sharpen driving skills.